Humanit fibre-cement corrugated sheet

The Dutch brand “Humanit” stands for a private label of fibre-cement corrugated sheets which are produced in an ultramodern production facility of one of the largest European manufacturers in the field of cementitious products.

Humanit corrugated sheets have a comprehensive and insured warranty and are sharply priced by a high sale volume and the private-label character.

Humanit has many applications for both construction and renovation works. Together, the product features described below and the attractive appearance and durability render Humanit an ideal product for the agricultural and equestrian sports sector, as well as the non-residential and housing sector.


Humanit fibre-cement corrugated sheets breathe. The corrugated sheets are waterproof but vapour-permeable…

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 Nuisance caused by (heavy) rain or hail will be strongly muted by Humanit fibre-cement corrugated sheets…

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Ammonia resistant

Contrary to many types of steel sheets, Humanit fibre-cement corrugated sheets are fully ammonia resistant…

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Humanit corrugated sheets are stainless.This is in contrast to steel sheets which could rust…

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High load capacity

The Humanit fibre-cement corrugated sheets owe their flexural strength to high-grade PVA reinforcement fibres… 

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Low Maintenance

Fibre-cement corrugated sheets are stable and perfectly resistant to all weather conditions…

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Fire resistant

 Fire resistant fibre-cement is non-flammable and does not contribute to the propagation of fire.

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Environmentally friendly

Humanit corrugated sheets contain no environmental contaminants…

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 The Humanit fibre-cement corrugated sheets are fully recyclable as commodities for new materials…

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Auxiliary attachments

A wide range of auxiliary attachments offers ample designing opportunities…

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Insured warranty

 Unique in the Benelux, the Humanit corrugated sheets have an insured warranty of 10 years…

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