Features Humanit fibre-cement corrugated sheet



The Humanit fibre-cement corrugated sheets breathe. The corrugated sheets are waterproof but vapour-permeable thanks to a porous structure. This regulates moisture through water absorption and the distribution of water vapour. The natural capacity for moisture absorption reduces the risk of condensation to the absolute minimum.
The moisture-regulating capability thus ensures that your roof breathes and the underlying construction and any insulation remain dry, which guarantees a healthy indoor climate for both humans and animals.


Nuisance caused by (heavy) rain or hail will be strongly muted by Humanit fibre-cement corrugated sheets. This ensures a pleasant living environment for both humans and animals.

Ammonia resistant

Contrary to many types of steel sheets and sandwich panels, Humanit fibre-cement corrugated sheets are fully ammonia resistant.


As there is no metal in Humanit corrugated sheets, they are stainless. This is in contrast to steel sheets which, in the longer term, could rust in places where the protective layer has been damaged or perforated.

High load capacity

The Humanit fibre-cement corrugated sheets owe their flexural strength to high-grade PVA reinforcement fibres. Furthermore, there are polypropylene safety strips present in every wave at roughly the middle of the material thickness to keep the corrugated sheet together, even after breaking through a heavy impact. Because of this reinforcement, the risk of sagging is greatly reduced. Obviously, it is important that the work is carried out in accordance with the official safety regulations and requirements.

Low maintenance

Fibre-cement corrugated sheets are stable and perfectly resistant to all weather conditions. This results in a particularly long life span with only little special maintenance.

Fire resistant

Fire resistant fibre-cement is non-flammable and does not contribute to the propagation of fire.

Environmentally friendly

The Humanit fibre-cement corrugated sheets contain no environmental contaminants and are manufactured from natural fabrics, which are abundantly available.


The Humanit fibre-cement corrugated sheets are fully recyclable as commodities for new materials.

Auxiliary attachments

A wide range of auxiliary attachments offers ample designing opportunities and enables the processor to efficiently finish the roof structure.

Insured warranty of 10 years

Unique in the Benelux, the Humanit corrugated sheets have an insured warranty of 10 years. This extended warranty is provided by the manufacturer and is insured with Allianz, the largest insurance company of Europe, in order to give you full assurance of compliance.

Contrary to many other manufacturers that only reimburse the redelivery of new materials, Humanit reimburses any damage in terms of the warranty by paying the costs of dismantling, redelivery and installation of new equipment and the required materials, as well as the removal and dumping of the damaged material, as described in the warranty certificate.